Competiton introduction

The 2nd GDSC "NetEase Cup" Global Digital and Sculpture Competition is organized by School of Sculpture and Public Art at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and the Department of Sculpture at Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, and is titled exclusively by NetEase Game. The competition is hosted by Wuhan Star Painters Digital Art Co., Ltd., 

Young digital art sculptors from all over the world are welcome to participate in this competition!

Contemporary society is experiencing a marvelous fusion of technology and art, and digital art, as an emerging art form, is rising at an astonishing speed and receiving increasing attention from people. As one of the cores of digital art, digital sculpture not only continues the beauty of form and spatial sense of traditional sculpture, but also, through innovative digital technology, has sparked a subversive revolution in visual effects, giving people an unprecedented sensory impact.

Digital art is a pure stream in modern art. It is a new exploration of artistic forms as well as a reflection and call to current society and culture. In this digital era, the exploration and creation of digital sculpture art needs not only to be innovative and forward-looking, but also to build an effective way for reflection and exploration of current cultural forms.

Balancing the relationship between art and technology, and achieving a harmonious coexistence between humans and technology, art and nature, is a common issue for all young artists. It is important to ensure that art is not just a subordinate of technology, but can truly integrate with technology in a way that enhances both.

The competition is highly concerned with how digital sculpture art can be spread and shared around the world, as well as how more meaningful and inclusive works can be created on the basis of respecting and drawing from various cultures, in order to promote global art and cultural exchange.

This competition provides a platform for digital art creators to showcase their talents and creativity, as well as an opportunity for new talents in the art world to showcase their ideas and perspectives. We expect this competition to inspire more avant-garde ideas and innovative forces, explore new possibilities for digital art, and inject new momentum and vitality into the development of digital art in the industrialization and education fields.

Introduction of the organizer
  • School of Sculpture and Public Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

    GAFA School of Sculpture and Public Art, formerly known as Department of Sculpture, was founded in 1953. It is one of the oldest schools of GAFA. In 1981, it was among the first schools in China authorized to confer Master’s degrees. In 2018, it began to offer Public Art program, and was renamed School of Sculpture and Public Art.

    Its teachers since establishment include famous sculptors with great social influence such as Pan He, Liang Mingcheng, Cao Chong’en, Hu Bo, Zheng Jin, Guan Weixian, Li Hanyi, Wei Zhenzhong and Li Ming, and renowned teachers like Chen Ke and Wu Yalin. In 2018, GAFA sculpture teacher team was listed into the first batch of “National Huang Danian Style Teacher Teams in Institutions of Higher Learning”, being the only art teacher team in China to receive this honor. Through long-term exploration and practice, several generations of GAFA sculpture educators have fostered a rigorous, pragmatic, innovative and enterprising academic spirit and tradition of school management. The school now has comparatively mature models and distinctive features in talent training, curriculum, teaching methods, and social services.

    In the new era, the school takes “sculpture society and construct a digital  future” as its development orientation, aims to train talents who “serve society with art”, and pays close attention to new demands for cultivating sculpture professionals. It has formed a teaching structure dominated by workshops and teaching research offices to actively promote culture and art development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). As a banner of sculpture education in South China, the school has trained a large number of influential sculptors and artistic creative talents at home and abroad, who inject new vitality into the GBA’s humanistic spirit and contribute artistic power to Chinese cities and the Chinese nation’s cultural spirit.

  • Wuhan Xuanqi digital art Co., Ltd

    Wuhan Xuanqi digital art Co., Ltd., namely Xuanqi, was founded in 2008 and headquartered in Optics Valley of China. It is a vice president unit of Hubei Animation Association, a director unit of Wuhan Animation Association, a sponsor unit of Wuhan Independent Game Alliance (WIGA), and a sponsor unit of the "Game Rainbow" employment assistance public welfare plan for fresh graduates.

    The company is committed to high-end game art creation, customized game research and development, game education and training, cultural and technological entrepreneurship project incubation, and information exchange. After more than ten years of active development, it has now become a group company with a total office area of over 2000 square meters and a staff size of over 300 people. Its business scope covers multiple industries such as game development, art design, cultural and tourism operations. Among them, the field of game art creation has been deeply cultivated for ten years, mainly serving customers and partners from well-known game companies both domestically and internationally.

The co-organizer
  • June 1st

    The Competition Registration Starts

    Registration by Email.

  • June 5th

    Live Broadcast of the Competition Opening Ceremony.

  • July 31st

    Last Day of Registration

  • June July

    Tidal Creation Group

    Weibo Audition Promotion

  • August 31st

    Final work submission

  • September

    Online Voting for the Popularity Lucky Award Begins

  • Mid October

    Announcement of Awards

    Awards Ceremony

IP authorization

NetEase Games is the IP licensee of the competition. The participants can use all the online characters of "Identity V" (except for the collaborative linkage IP) for second creation at will.

It is hoped that the creators can strengthen the characteristics of the original IP characters and give them new vitality.

Introduction of Identity V

Introduction of Identity V

Identity V is an asymmetrical battle arena game developed by NetEase, which launched for limited testing on April 2, 2018, and for full platform public testing on April 12. The game has an age rating of 16+.
Players will play as detective Orpheus, who receives a mysterious commission letter and goes into the infamous manor to investigate a missing case. In the process of conducting evidence investigation, the player as Orpheus will use the deductive method to review the case. In the case review, the player can choose to play as the regulator or survivalist, to start a fierce confrontation. And in the process of investigation, they will get closer to the truth, but may find increasingly unbelievable facts.
The game features a dystopian gothic painting style, a suspenseful brain-burning plot, and exciting 1V4 'cat and mouse chase game' confrontation gameplay, which will give players a new game experience.

Entry Category
  • ExperimentSculpture Group  

    No age limit for participation

    Directly recommended by each university judge or freely registered by students on campus.

    Unlimited in form of expression, starting from artistic thinking, expressing and enjoying oneself through physical form, freely creating digital or sculptural art, and exploring unmanned fields.

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  • TrendCreation Group  

    The maximum age for participation is 28 years old

    Creators can freely register and choose the character image provided by the competition IP licensor for secondary creation, or they can freely create.

    Start imagination to pursue beauty from the perspective of sculpture plastic arts, and aim at the market to tap the commercial potential of works.

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The awards of the competiton

Bonus pool of 140000 yuan

  • Popular Lucky Award


  • Future Master Award


  • NetEase Favorite Award


  • Competition Academy Award


  • Creativity Art Award


Professional Jury

Judges of the Experimental Sculpture Group(The list is arranged in alphabetical order)

  • Professor Haining Bao


    Dean of the School of Sculpture Arts
  • Professor Lingsheng Ban

    China Academy of Art

    Dean of the School of Sculpture and Public Art
  • Professor Xiaochun Chen


    Head of the sculpture department
  • Professor Ke Chen


    Dean of the School of Sculpture and Public Art
  • Professor Shubing Dong

    Tsinghua University

    Head of the sculpture department of Academy of Arts & Design
  • Jinsong Shi

    Famous independent artist of contemporary sculpture in China

  • Professor Xun Tan


    Head of the sculpture department
  • Professor Tang Yong

    Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

    Associate Dean of the School of Styling
  • Professor Min Zhi


    Vice president of sculpture institute
  • Professor Zhai Qingxi


    Head of Sculpture Department
  • Professor Wei Zhang

    China Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Head of the sculpture department
  • Professor Zhang Songtao

    Hubei Academy of Fine Arts

    Dean of the School of Sculpture and Public Art

The judges of the Tidal Creator Group(The list is arranged in alphabetical order)

  • Guo Wei

    Art Director of NetEase Games
  • Luo Qisheng

    Founder of Kaitian Studio
  • Li Yugu

    Wuhan Xuanqi digital art Co., Ltd

  • Kuang Jun

    Famous cross-border artist/avant-garde designer
  • Zhang Sheng

    CG Artist and Digital Sculptor
  • Lu Zhibing

    Founder of Shanghai Chenyi Sculpture Art Co., Ltd
Competition partner