Competiton introduction

The first GDSC "Netease Cup" global digital and sculpture competition is hosted by the Hubei Artists Association, and sponsored by the Sculpture Department of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts and WUHAN STAR PAINTERS DIGITAL ART Co., Ltd . And this competition is  exclusive titled by NetEase Games.

Welcome young digital art sculptors from all over the world to participate in this competition!

Sculpture is a kind of space art.In the contemporary material space and cultural space evolution, how to capture the pulse of The Times, how to express the spiritual changes, is the challenge that the creators need to face, but also the development of cultural productivity is necessary.

Technology gives reality to art, and artgivesinspirationtotechnology! Sculpture can be an instrument of responsibility and survival, and sculpture can also be an emotional space for us to discuss life and philosophy. But the number is the sculpture in the contemporary difficult to bypass the way, the sculpture body language core should also be in this new tool to be more heritage and carry forward.

The competition aims to encourage contemporary artists and creators to create sculptures in the contemporary context with a new artistic language and to explore new artistic concepts in the digital age.Through the shaping of popular cultural images and the image design of the digital world,you can exploring the new space and new ideas in the virtual age, as well as the future cultural trends .

The IP images in the virtual worldand the shaping of game characters all need the intervention of artistic language. The construction of video games and virtual cities is not only the stimulation of the senses, but also the construction of a unique world outlook. All these need artists and cultural creators’ keen capture and expression.

It is hoped that the competition will build a bridge between research, study and industry, guide the study of digital technology, deepen students'understanding of the language of pure sculpture, and discover outstanding talents of fine arts, promoting the benign development of art college students in industrialized art industry.

Organizer introduction
  • The Sculpture Department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts

    The Sculpture Department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts (HUFAA) was formerly the Sculpture Department of the University Department of Wuchang Art College, which was founded in 1930. In 1997, the department was established independently, and the specialty construction has developed rapidly. Since then, the Department of Sculpture has built, integrated and innovated a complete system of management, teaching and art research of the Department of Sculpture by combining the internal relationship of the discipline and the characteristics of the development of the sculpture profession.

    The Department of Sculpture has two majors: Sculpture and Ceramic Art Design.

    In 2004, the provincial excellent course "Clay Sculptures" was established to make professional teaching more systematic. In 2004, it was identified as the "undergraduate brand major construction project of colleges and universities in Hubei Province" by Hubei Provincial Department of Education. In 2006, the discipline of sculpture was identified as the provincial key discipline during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period by Hubei Provincial Department of Education. In 2010, it was approved as the national specialty construction project of colleges and universities. In 2019, Sculpture major was selected as one of the first national first-class undergraduate major construction sites.

    Graduates of the Department of Sculpture are active all over the country and even overseas, playing an important role in urban sculpture construction, sculpture artistic creation, fine arts education and other departments.


    WUHAN STAR PAINTERS DIGITAL ART Co., Ltd was founded in 2008, located in China Optical Valley, the company is committed to AR/VR application and game development, high-end game animation art creation, cultural science and technology entrepreneurship project incubation, game education and international game industry information exchange.

    It has wholly established the STAR PAINTERS DIGITAL ART Co., Ltd and STAR PAINTERS Tourism Culture Co., Ltd successively; SHANGHAI STAR PAINTERS DIGITAL ART Co., Ltd was established in 2019;

    The VR Music Game of Zenghouyi Bianzhong and VR Experience Game of Sword of King Goujian of YueSword jointly developed by STAR PAINTERS and Hubei Provincial Museum have been completed and exhibited. Projects in which STAR PAINTERS participated in game art creation include:《Ridge Racing: Infinity》,《No Man's Land》, 《KKung - Fu Live》, 《Onmyoji》, 《Bright Land》, 《Fantasy Westward Journey》,《A Chinese Oyster》, 《The Fifth Personality》etc.

The co-organizer
  • April 15

    Competition registration begins
    Email to sign up

  • April 22

    The launch ceremony of the competition was broadcast live
    Tike me to go straight to the studio

  • May 31

    sign-up deadline

  • June-July

    Weibo audition promotion of Tidal Creator Group

  • July 31

    Final Submission

  • In early August


    [Best Popularity Award]

  • In early August


    [Talent Scout Award] activities

  • In the middle of August

    Awards announced
    The awards ceremony

IP authorization

Netease Games and Shrimp Kanbanniang are IP licensors of the competition. The contestants can use all the online characters (except cooperative IP) of 《Onmyoji》、《Strand at will》 and the IP characters of Xiami Kanbanniang for second creation.

We hope you can strengthen role characteristics of the original IP and give them new vitality.

Excellent works will be commercially developed into physical objects by Netease or the organizer, and the creators will share the profits according to the agreement

Introduction of Onmyoji

Introduction of Onmyoji

《Onmyoji》is a 3D Japanese-style Wakeshi Turn-based RPG mobile game independently developed by Netease Games. The story and elements of the game are from the Heian Period of ancient Japan. It tells the story of Onmyoji Abe's exploration of his own memory in the Yin and Yang worlds interwoven by human and ghost.

Since the public beta test in September 2016, it has quickly become hot mobile game and ranked at the top of the download list of major platforms. Itformed a unique "Onmyoji" artstyle which has exquisite color, beautiful style, quiet artistic conception and other characteristics, , receiving the majority of mobile players sought after.

Introduction of Strand at wil

Introduction of Strand at wil

《Strand at will》 is an all-free real-time sand table strategy mobile game which is produced and published by Netease Games.
The game takes the history of the Three Kingdoms as the background, tells the story of the political and military struggle between Wei, Shu and Wu in the late years of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Players can play the role of a Lord, enter the game to build cities, produce resources, recruit troops, build treasures, etc., to improve their military strength, so as to achieve the desire to unify the world.

Introduction of Shrimp Kanbanniang

Introduction of Shrimp Kanbanniang

Min Xia , the image of Kanban Niang in 《King Shrimp Model》 We Media.
《King Shrimp Model》 is a domestic We media program about AcToys to share、evaluation , which is aimed to create China's play content IP module.There is a variety of program type to explore more blue ocean players, expand practicalthe AcToys culture.Domestic user base becomes a bridge between the player and the manufacturers.Its main update platform is, The content of the program covers assembly models, statues,GK, soldiers and other AcToys evaluation, sharing, as well as games, movies, comics and other topics!

Entry Category
  • ExperimentalSculpture Group  

    Each college judge directly recommends 5 to 8 contestants or students in school are free to sign up.

    There are no restrictions on the form of expression. You can express yourself freely from the perspective of artistic thinking. You can freely create digital or sculptural art and explore the uncharted territory.

    Sign up now 01
  • TidalCreator Group  

    The creators are free to register. They can choose the role image provided by the IP licensor of the competition to create the second time, or they are free to create.

    Open imagination from the perspective of sculpture and plastic art to pursue beauty, aiming at the market to tap the commercial potential of the work.

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The awards of the competiton

The bonus pool is 170,000 yuan

Works will be up to $1 million in business development plans

  • Creation Art Award


  • Academy Award


  • Netease Favorite Award


  • Future Master Award


  • Best Popularity Award


Professional Jury

Judges of the Experimental Sculpture Group(The list is arranged in alphabetical order)

  • Professor Haining Bao


    Head of the sculpture department
  • Professor Lingsheng Ban

    China Academy of Art

    Dean of the School of Sculpture and Public Art
  • Professor Xiaochun Chen


    Head of the sculpture department
  • Professor Ke Chen


    Dean of the School of Sculpture and Public Art
  • Professor Shubing Dong

    Tsinghua University

    Head of the sculpture department of Academy of Arts & Design
  • Professor Tieli Jiang


    Vice President
  • Jinsong Shi

    Famous independent artist of contemporary sculpture in China

  • Professor XiaoNan Shen


    Head of the sculpture department
  • Professor Xun Tan


    Head of the sculpture department
  • Professor Min Zhi


    Vice president of sculpture institute
  • Professor Wei Zhang

    China Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Head of the sculpture department
  • Professor Songtao Zhang


    Head of the sculpture department
  • Associate professor Zhongxia Zhang


    Vice President

The judges of the Tidal Creator Group(The list is arranged in alphabetical order)

  • Andy

    Black&Gold Studio

  • Qisheng Luo

    Infinity Studio

    The founder


    The founder
  • Qi Ren

    Wuhan Yimei Zhigou Information Technology Co., Ltd

    Art director
  • Yu Shen

    Animal Planet Studio

  • Chuan Yan


  • Xiu Yi

    Art and Design Center of Netease Games

    Chief Art Designer&General Manager
  • Zhen Zhang


    The founder
Competition partner